Mojo Power

Australia’s Fairest Energy Deal

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Client Mojo Power

Project Description

Sydney-based start-up offers a world first solution for Aussie households to cut their energy bills.

Mojo Power is a new energy retailer that charges energy consumers a monthly subscription fee that challenges the cost structure and business model of traditional retailers. Through this new payment model consumers are given access to wholesale energy rates.

QloudSoft has been engaged to deliver a Customer Portal self-service solution, connected to multiple 3rd party interfaces (CRM, payment gateway, analytics, etc). QloudSoft has also been engaged to build a mobile app that helps customers understand how much energy they’re using, how much it is costing, and even help figure out what specific appliances are costing them using the real-time feature. QloudSoft has also built advanced solar monitoring features right into the app to allow customers to see how their solar is performing and take action to get the most out of their solar investment.